• Areas of Practice


Brons & Salas has a Litigation Department made up of highly experienced professionals whose constant training allows them to be in the vanguard of professional assistance in any type of controversy.

Its clients receive overall legal assistance and are represented in any conflict both at a pre-litigation stage (negotiation and mediation) and before national and provincial courts throughout Argentina, in all venues, including the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice.

The Firm engages in all kinds of litigation representing both plaintiff and defendant, including commercial, civil and administrative litigation as well as testate and intestate successions, and bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.

Brons & Salas has an interdisciplinary team made up of members of the Litigation and Corporate teams engaged in corporate conflicts, representing minority or controlling shareholders in court litigation or arbitration proceedings.

The Firm makes a thorough follow-up on each claim and issues a legal opinion on the feasibility of each case, giving timely advice on the advisability of resorting to the courts.