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VIII Argentine-Uruguayan Commercial Law Sessions

On August 3 and 4, 2017, the “VIII Argentine-Uruguayan Commercial Law Sessions” were held in Montevideo. 

This is a binational event, jointly organized by the chairs held by Rovira and Manóvil (UBA) and Olivera García (UDELAR). At the Sessions, extensive discussions were held on different aspects of Argentine, Uruguayan and, in these specific sessions, Brazilian commercial law. The main topic was “Contractual freedom in corporate matters“, which included the following sub-topics: (a) mandatory regulations and public policy rules: impact on the articles of organization; (b) companies not organized under any of the corporate forms provided by law or not regularly incorporated; (c) new corporate forms: simplified stock companies; and (d) members’ agreements and their enforceability against the company.

Particularly, Mariano del Olmo gave a lecture on “Members’ agreements and their enforceability”.